Oral Care

Oral care is as important as the care and precaution taken for our health. A proper oral care helps in the prevention of lots of dental diseases. While brushing your teeth twice daily has been an age-old method of prevention, there are certain dental problems that need to be particularized.

In certain dental conditions, the patients wherein the patients get such infection on one tooth that it can infect the entire teeth set. In such a scenario, dentists advise dental filling/tooth filling, a procedure that carves out the dental ailments from the top layer of the tooth whilst keeping the tooth rooted to the gums. Regardless of the age, any growing person or an adult has been badly pained by the menace of wisdom tooth. The pain goes beyond the level of tolerance as the tooth gets trapped in the jawbones or gums and in some cases they erupt at the wrong angles. A wisdom tooth removal procedure takes hardly 45 minutes and it has now become a painless affair since there are various anesthetics used.

Scaling, a type of dental cleaning that reached below the gum line to remove the plaque buildup. This procedure is often followed by root planing that reaches the deeper surface of the tooth. It smoothens the layer of the tooth so the gums can reattach properly.

A broken tooth is similar to a broken bone of our body and this too requires medical attention. In this dental condition, a part of the tooth gets broken off and yet there is not much of a negative effect as far as the functioning goes. But they do take off the aesthetic sheen of your smile. Moreover, if you suffer from broken tooth due to tooth decay, it may cause jaw pain and mild tooth sensitivity.

At Venkateshwar Center of Dental Excellence, broken tooth treatment is done based on the severity of the break. A tooth filling is done for cases wherein the break has occurred on the outer part of the teeth (enamel). For more serious breakage, there are options of dental crowning and complete removal of the damaged nerve and blood vessels with root canal.


Wisdom teeth removal becomes inevitable to prevent the tooth from damaging other healthy teeth. In a common scenario, wisdom teeth erupt perpendicularly to the teeth next to the second molar. The coming of the wisdom teeth sideways affects the way you bite the food, and thus results in tooth decay, and can even cause a painful infection. So, if you skip the wisdom teeth extraction today, you may encounter complications in near future.

Scaling or root planning is a procedure of deep cleaning the teeth. The purpose of this dental care is to remove all the calculus (tartar) and plaque deposits found on teeth below the gum line. Some of the symptoms which indicate immediate root planning are tooth sensitivity i.e. sensitivity to change in temperature caused by hot and cold food and beverages. Based on the condition of the sensitivity, the patient may be subjected to local anesthetic to ease the minor pain caused by the root planing process.