Cosmetic Dentistry

We all have wished for a picture perfect smile that would enhance our personality in great measures. Cosmetic dentistry has been exactly aimed at addressing the concerns of fixing all the dental imperfections that have been sustained both since birth and owing to an unfortunate accident that has disfigured your teeth. Many a people have been living with despair as they have been going through the embarrassment of missing tooth and even multiple missing teeth for that matter. At Venkateshwar Center of Dental Excellence, the patients get the most holistic treatment for all their dental woes that may not have any clinical repercussions but affect the dental aesthetics. We have identified the most common and even the most rare tooth/teeth conditions. With specialized treatment, you get the smile makeover and tooth correction you have been looking for all this while.

Smile Makeover procedures are successfully carried out at Venkateshwar Dental Hospital. It has earned this reputation because of constant hard work & vision of its chief cosmetic dentist, our patients are served the best and we focus on creating their new smiles according to their requirements. We specialize in all the basic & latest dental procedures for smile correction & smile designing in New Delhi with procedures including teeth whitening with the inclusion of Zoom-AP as well. Furthermore we have Porcelain veneers, metal free crowns, bridges, instant smile makeovers, gummy smile corrections, teeth correction, dental jewelry (crystals) etc.
Most of the individuals in the present times emphasize more on the aesthetics of dental treatment when compared to the functionality of their teeth. This makes it important to stay consistent in the direction of delivering aesthetics in the results of every dental treatment along with bringing about improvement in the functionality of the teeth in the patients. One of the salient features of the smile makeover niche is that it allows the patient take a call on several aspects in the treatment. The makeover process encourages the participation of the patient in the treatment thereby ensuring high patient satisfaction with regard to the dental treatment.
Smile makeover is a vast method of dental treatment, which has many procedure methods. At Venkateshwar Dental Hospital, we focus on the patient’s requirements which augur well with their expectations in regards to the particular dental treatment results so they get the highest possible level of satisfaction. Cosmetic dentistry is the most comprehensive dental treatment for improving the smiles of the patients from several aspects irrespective to their dental problem and status of their dental health and aesthetics. The subsequent result of a smile makeover provides a broad range of solutions for the dental patients who are seeking to resolve their smile issues as well as enhance their teeth functioning at the same time. With the increasing advancements in different segments of smile makeover, now you can choose from this smile makeover solutions to get the desired treatment needs and results. This provides ease of communication and increased value of time.

Gapped teeth are considered to be the most common problem these days, especially among people who have habit of chewing pen cap. The problem of gapped teeth is seen as a usual occurrence among those people who had the habit of sucking thumb in childhood. Moreover, one must keep in mind that both age and genetic factor too can be vital in causing space between teeth. Fortunately, the dentistry world is replete with many treatments that can successfully help in eliminating the gap between the teeth that helps you in getting back the smile that oozes confidence. If you also have a gap between teeth, then it is the time to opt for gap closures offered Venkateshwar Dental Hospital. This procedure is considered to be the best cosmetic dentistry technique as it is extremely precise and eliminate the gap between the teeth flawlessly. The added benefit comes in the form of pleasant look for your teeth.
One such method of gap closure is dental bonding. This method is used to offer a perfect shape of the tooth by filling the spaces available. The dentists to fill up the empty space utilize resin material. Besides, the dentists also ensure that the resin material used for the treatment blends with the actual tooth color of the patient. This procedure is less time consuming and can be accomplished in single sitting. It is also a low-cost procedure.
We also offer gap closures with Porcelain Veneers. This technique is quite effective and helps the patients to get perfect smile. We utilize crowns/veneers to fill the vacant space between the teeth and they are used in such a way that it looks real. People with large spaces between teeth may opt for this treatment, which may help them to get perfect smile on their face. The type of Veneers we will use for the treatment depends upon the condition and spaces of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant & are stronger and durable than composite veneers. We use both porcelain and composite veneers.
No matter which technique of gap closure is used for treating gaps between the teeth, the patients must take the best possible care after the treatment to maintain and prolong the effectiveness of the procedure. We at our dental care hospital strive to help you in achieving that picture perfect million-dollar smile. Do visit the Venkateshwar Centre of Dental Excellence for a top-notch cosmetic dentistry to see the difference.

Prep-less dental veneers provide commendable aesthetic features to the minor imperfections of the teeth. They are an excellent option for patients who want veneers but have some apprehensions when it comes to filling down healthy tooth enamel. It also helps them to prevent loss of enamel from the natural teeth. Prep-less veneers appeal to many patients due to the fact that it can be reversed. Since the process is reversible, the patients who are not satisfiedwith the resultscan get it reversed with professional help. Your natural teeth will not be affected, even if you opt for getting your veneers removed.
These are some of the major recent advancements in the field of aesthetic dentistry, which help in following the basic concept of conservative dentistry in the aesthetics. They are an ideal choice for the patients who want to refrain from traditional veneers. It is directly brought from the laboratories based on the records and details sent to them from the dental clinic.

Benefits Of Prepless Dental Veneers

  • A straighter, jovialsmile, whichboosts confidence in the patients.
  • Whiter teeth that are resistive to stain and dullness. This is a major plus point of the prep-less dental veneers, which makes it a priority option in the veneers category than its counterparts.
  • Well-crafted, customized veneers to suit your smile.
  • Porcelain material looks like natural tooth enamel. So, the aesthetics of your teeth are maintained consistently even after the prep-less dental veneers treatment.
  • Non-invasive, conservative dental restoration. There is no requirement of removal of enamel from the teeth like in other types of veneers. The veneers are fixed in such a way that they adhere directly to the enamel of the tooth. You will not get your teeth drilled in any way for the adaptation of the veneers to the teeth.
  • Appreciable bonding strength. These types of veneers have got excellent strength associated with bonding to the teeth. So, it lasts for a long period.
  • Reversible, if you decide to return to natural teeth.
  • Anesthetic usually unnecessary during the procedure.


If your teeth are clinically sound and you are happy to invest in this type of veneers, then prep-less dental veneers are a fantastic option for you. We,at Venkateshwar Hospital, need to analyze your smile to be sure that you are a candidate for prep-less veneers.

Not everybody is born with aligned or straight teeth, some may have crooked teeth, which are mainly visible when they smile or open their mouth. Fortunately, in modern dentistry there are several effective options available that can correct crooked or misaligned teeth. But, the method for correcting the crooked teeth greatly depends on the degree of misalignment and affordability. The modern dentistry has managed all types of misalignment and crooked teeth can be treated without any surgical procedure now. Due to advancement in dentistry, VCODE has managed to add new products and new crooked teeth correction procedures so as to make the process of correct faster and easier than ever before.


By and large, braces can be classified into three types; ceramic and plasticand metal brackets that are fixed by the dentists in front of the teeth. These brackets are chiefly glued to hold the wire in place, which is typically shaped to an optimal contour by the dentists. In due course of time, the wire keeps on shifting the teeth in place, thus your crooked teeth are corrected. A monthly visit to the dental clinic is required so as to make the wire tightened. Among three alternatives available for braces, the dentist mostly prefers to use ceramic brackets because of its transparent color, which hardly makes them noticeable. Moreover, the ceramic brackets usually commix with the natural color of the teeth. After the braces are removed, the patients need to wear a retainer for few months in order to prevent the teeth from shifting.


Invisalign is the latest invention in cosmetic dentistry. It is a series of detachable, transparent and plastic aligners that can easily tighten the teeth in place although it may not be too efficient in severe cases

Accelerated Orthodontics

Patients who long for an immediate result without much pain can always look up to accelerated orthodontics as the best solution for them. By combining two procedures (namely periodontics and orthodontic) together, the dentists will help you to get back the beautiful smile once again. This procedure requires a total of 6 months to align the teeth in place. But, the patient needs to wear lingual braces in the entire course of time. If you are facing time constraints, we also use porcelain veneers to even up the crooked teeth. Even though the procedure is quite time-consuming, it will help you to not only get straighter teeth but also whiter teeth than ever before. At Venkateshwar Centre of Dental Excellence, we also offer teeth reshaping and contouring to treat crooked teeth with a high level of success and accuracy. This process is also very effective to get back straight teeth once again. Thepatients can also get whiter teeth with the help of acceleratedorthodontics.

Bright and shiny teeth are desirable by one and all. People with discolored teeth often lose some great opportunities in their life and also lack in confidence. The bright and shiny teeth surely increase the confidence level as well as your persona. So, people always try different methods to keep their teeth white and bright. But these methods of teeth whitening never provide a guarantee and total safety to your teeth. However, to address such issues, we have many options for teeth whitening which suits the pocket of everyone.

Teeth can be in improper position in the dental arch in various ways. Front teeth can break open outwards, is also known as ‘jetting out’ .The is mainly caused due to periodontal disease (loosening of gums) or dental malocclusion. Such condition can be treated by orthodontic therapy by taking into account some of the patient factors like treatment span (1-2 years), oral hygiene, age and bone condition permit. As an alternative to orthodontics, smile designing can be done using a combination of aesthetic crowns, veneers and bridges. The advantage of this strategy is the time period as it can be done as the teeth are prepared in such a manner that they receive the crowns and veneers of proper shape that gives an ideal alignment to the arch with a natural look that suits best to the patient. If there is probability of pulp exposure (nerve of tooth) during preparation is anticipated, an intentional root canal treatment (RCT) is done before hand.

Intrinsic staining of the teeth, unlike extrinsic stains, can’t be treated with bleaching. Various causes of such discoloration can have detrimental effects on normal tooth structure formation, like trauma, excess fluoride intake, taking medication (esp. tetracycline), vitamin deficiency or any hereditary disorder (e.g. amelogenesisimperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfection, and other developmental disorders).
Fluorosis of teeth occurs due to excessive intake of fluoride during the process when tooth is getting calcified. Depending on severity, it affects both shape and colour of the teeth, hence compromising the cosmetics. Trauma to the developing tooth bud can cause hypoplasticdefect, which appears white in color. Tetracycline stains and developmental disorders also produce characteristic staining and later also cause changes in shape of teeth making them more prone to dental caries. Treatment required for any of such condition depends on the severity of the discoloration and need to restore the form of the tooth. In normal cases, microabrasion and macroabrasion do not provide satisfactory results in badly discolored teeth, which make patients disgruntled.
Before starting the fabrication of crowns and veneers, the teeth requiring the treatment are prepared. Slight tooth structure is removed from all around the tooth for crown fabrication. In case of veneer, only the visible outer surface (labial /buccal) is prepared for treatment.
Both kind of crowns and porcelain veneers are made and processed in the dental laboratories using replica model of the patient’s prepared tooth/teeth. Hence it requires more than single visit to the dental clinic. For PFM crowns, the base of the crown is formed by an inert alloy material, over which a layer of porcelain is placed and fused to underlying metal alloy at high temperature, thereby making the crown look natural. The metal free crowns have computer-aided design and machined in the laboratory out of the porcelain block, using the duplicate model of the tooth. After the crowns are obtained from the laboratory, the can be properly fitted on the patients prepared teeth using bonding and cementation. Porcelain veneers are also prepared in the same way as pure porcelain crowns, just that they cover lesser surface area of teeth. However, composite veneers can be done in single sitting of the treatment as they can be directly fabricated and bonded over the prepared teeth surfaces in dental office, then skipping the lab work.

Is there any defect in your tooth due to which you cannot have the confident and perfect smile? Fortunately, there are several options available in dentistry that is designed to correct the imperfections of the teeth without any pain. Among all other procedures the most widely and commonly used procedure is Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing. This is a cosmetic dental procedure where the defected tooth is reshaped and polished to remove the imperfections and to offer a beautiful looking smile once again. This treatment is quite effective, painless and also very quick (just 10-15 min) when compared to the traditional methods.
Being a reputed and reliable multi specialty dental clinic, we always suggest our clients for few sessions more depending upon the type of reshaping and polishing required. Here is quick overview of the procedure we carried out during cosmetic contouring and polishing.

  • Firstly, the dentists will mark the problem areas of the patient’s teeth with to get better idea about the shaping process.
  • Secondly, the surface of the teeth will be shaped with the help of air turbine drills for the shaping of the enamel in this session.
  • Thirdly, the dentists may use abrasive strips as sanding tool between the teeth.
  • Lastly, the dentists will polish and make the surface smooth than ever before so as to make your teeth look perfect.


To correct the gaps between teeth and for missing teeth, cosmetic contouring is used. It is important because it helps to fix the veneers in place. But, to reap maximum benefit from the procedure you need to choose the dentist clinic that specializes in cosmetic contouring. The Centre of Dental Excellence at Venkateshwar Hospital can be thus be vouched for as the hospital that can carry out this dental contouring with utmost care and professional precision.

Among the many treatments available to help patients to uphold their infected and decayed teeth, the most advanced and painless treatment to treat infected teeth is Painless Root Canal Treatment or RCT. Painless Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that is mainly executed by dentists to remove the pulp tissues from the decayed or infected teeth. This treatment procedure has turned out to be extremely effective and painless. Such are the wondrous results of this treatment that it can be said that it is nothing less than a boon for dental patients who were previously left with no option but to remove the decayed or infected teeth.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

  • Patients experiencing pounding pain in their tooth, especially during the night while sleeping.
  • Patients who complain of sensation while having cold or hot drinks or food.
  • Patients with swelling in their jawbone or around the gums.

Why Painless Root Canal Treatment Is Required?

When infected or decayed tooth is left untreated then the infection may fan out into the tooth’s substance, which may further infect the pulp. If the pulp of the patient becomes infected, then it starts degenerating. Like all other types of infection, there is a formation of pus-pocket in this condition at the tip of the roots within the jawbone, which is known as abscess. So, the patients will complain about severe pain and swelling because of this abscess. This may further affect the jawbone as well. Therefore, Root Canal Treatment is becomes the necessity of the hour to treat the condition.


The procedure begins with, the dentists drilling the infected area so as to access the infected pulp. Once they drill the area, the dentists will remove the infect pulp tissue and then continue drilling the root canal. After removing the pulp and drilling the root canal, the dentists would cleanse the canal and disinfect with the help of saline water and medical compounds. Next, the dentists to seal the canals and to prevent the occurrence of future infections use the standard filling material. After filling and sealing the canals, the tooth is covered with the help of crown to protect it from fractures. The crown is placed immediately after the filling is done. The reason being that it becomes very difficult to save the tooth once the tooth is fractured.

In the present times, many individuals are opting for contemporary aesthetics to enhance both dental health and beauty. As one of the latest trends to catch the fancy of old and young alike, Tooth Crystal has become most successful in recent years. This shining crystal is an attractive feature which is prominently seen when an individual smiles. These days tooth crystals have become a part of the jewelry of young females. These crystals can be prominently seen in the front teeth. Therefore, this is the most preferred area for the same. In common practice the tooth crystal is affixed on the second tooth from the front in the upper left and right quadrant.
It can last for a relatively long period provided it is well maintained. In other words, it is definitely be worth all the investment. Our experienced team of cosmetic dental specialists wills that a quality tooth crystal be placed over the teeth so that the aesthetic features are for all to see as the patients flash a smile. If, at any possible circumstance, the crystal gets loose unexpectedly, it can re-attach without much ado. This jewel is a tiny glass crystal with no sharp edges. If, at all the tiny crystal is accidentally swallowed, it will come out naturally. It is therefore clear by the above stated analysis of procedure that there are almost no side effects of this new type of jewelry. Whenever you wish to remove your crystal, a dentist can take it off.
Tooth Crystals are now also available in different colors such as blue crystals and sapphire white. The latter one is in more demand yet the former one is an upcoming choice of increasing number of individuals. Therefore you get the flexibility of choosing the color of the crystals instead of living with just one option. It is always recommended to get dental cleaning procedures done even if you have the crystal fixed on your tooth. The tooth crystal is dealt in a soft manner to avoid its removal. We ensure that you have pleasant experiences with your tooth crystal placement procedure and stay happy with it for an appreciable time period.

What is an inlay?

Inlays are indirect fillings applied in back teeth (premolars, molars). After removal of the old, defect filling or caries, an impression is made of the cavity (that is the drilled out defect). A filling is then made in the laboratory from gold or ceramic, which fits the cavity with the utmost, precision and restores the original form of the tooth. In the second session, the inlay is cemented into place. Large inlays, which cover the cusps, are referred to as onlays.
For many years, gold inlays have been the tried and tested solution and have a long lifespan. Today, aesthetic awareness has led to a decline in their use

What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Inlays?

Ceramic inlays have no metal core and are therefore translucent. They are bonded to the tooth using a special adhesive method, leaving no marginal gaps. A chemical bond is created between teeth and ceramic, restoring weakened teeth to their original strength. The high translucency yields an exceptional aesthetic quality. Ceramic is exceedingly biocompatible. For example, allergies such as to certain alloys are unknown.
Ceramic inlays are long lasting. The following diagram shows the longevity comparison between composite fillings and ceramic inlays.

Can all teeth be fitted with ceramic inlays?

In principle, all back teeth (molars and premolars) can be fitted with porcelain inlays. Front teeth (incisors and canines), on the other hand, are treated with composites. Only in cases where the defect (caries or filling) reaches deep under the gum, or where the remaining tooth substance is weak and brittle (for example root-canal-treated teeth), is a crown the better and lasting alternative.